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Driving lessons

We recommend that you take a series of driving lessons with your Geared2Drive
Instructor. Our experience shows that only taking a single lesson before a test is unlikely to provide you with the skills and confidence necessary to pass the test.

We will start in a quiet local area (wherever possible) to get you comfortable with controlling the car, and build your confidence before moving to busier roads.

  • Getting familiar with the vehicle 
  • Starting and stopping (acceleration & braking)
  • Steering: handling left and right hand turns and bends

Once you are comfortable with basic vehicle handling skills in future lessons, we will start to practice these on busier roads and will focus on:

  • Situations where you need to give way to other vehicles
  • How to use different kinds of intersections that you will encounter while driving
  • Driving to the conditions – and what to do when conditions become more hazardous
  • Hazard identification, road awareness and low risk driving
  • How to indicate correctly and safely negotiate roundabouts
  • Maintaining a safe following distance

Thinking of new ideas for presents, especially teens, can be challenging.  Geared2Drive offer you a perfect gift – buy 1 or save money and buy a bundle of 3 or 5 x 1-hour lessons.

Gift packs provide the ideal present for a variety of special occasions, such as a Birthday, Graduation present, Christmas Present etc. Hint, hint! – a perfect present for grandparents to give to finicky teens – a gift that keeps on giving!

Do you know if you are ready and prepared for your driving test? We can help you gain all the skills and knowledge necessary to pass your test and drive safely for life.  The rest of course is up to you.

It is very common for a learner to fail their driving test – and there are a few reasons why you might fail: 

  • disobeying traffic signs, signals or road markings
  • failing to give way when necessary
  • colliding with a vehicle, pedestrian or object
  • performing an illegal act or manoeuvre
  • exceeding the speed limit
  • action requiring testing officer intervention
  • causing a dangerous situation
  • failing to maintain proper control of the vehicle
  • failing to exercise due care to avoid an accident
  • failing to give way to an emergency vehicle
  • disobeying directions from a person controlling traffic
  • frequently not signalling intention
  • refusing to attempt any part of the test
  • repeated or deliberate failure to follow directions
  • unreasonably obstructing other vehicles or pedestrians
  • receiving external advice or instruction during the test

You can find more detailed information regarding the NSW driving test by visiting the RMS website or reading: Guide to the Driving Test NSW